Opportunity - for business, trades, manufacturing, jobs, people

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”   or   How to build a strong, resilient, “crisis proof” ‘Burg...

Give people skills, give them jobs and give them opportunities (jobs and skills lift people up).

Create an environment for businesses, big and small, that allow them to expand and thrive. Expand Harrisonburg's manufacturing base. Get people on their feet and put them to work with fair pay and give everyone the same chances to succeed. Help people learn to support themselves and teach them the skill-sets needed to work in business. Promote the trades. Educate the workers of every age in areas that support manufacturing and business so businesses will have talent to draw on and want to be here.

We need to bring more business and manufacturing to Harrisonburg by making the tax rates competitive with the county and by removing/reducing burdensome regulations and taxes that have been driving business and people out of the city. When people feel enslaved there is no incentive to grow. Higher taxes and a shrinking base mean people have to work harder to survive and have less time to nurture themselves and their families. They can't breathe.

When you give them opportunity to grow they will thrive and can do a lot more (more education, beautification, more help for the homeless, more help for those who can't help themselves…) for the community.

When you restore American Optimism you will have happy confident people, happy families and a happy city.

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