Golf Course

The grass can be greener.

Heritage Oaks is one of the few parks in the city that has the potential to pay for itself and support other activities. It is absolutely beautiful, but underutilized. It can, and should, generate revenue. It should be run as a business and there should be aggressive activity to increase membership, promote the values and benefits of the sport and encourage local and not so local businesses to make golf a regular part of their work week. You would not believe how much networking and business deals are accomplished on the golf course!

No one golfs at night. Why not use it as a conference center or event center for weddings, family reunions and large gatherings? If the clubhouse is not available, a large outdoor tent might be the thing. It has beautiful views and is a perfect place for celebrations. There are local event planners who would be thrilled to have festivities there.

We could work with local businesses to make it a destination and weekend get-away (work with our local travel agencies (Wishing Well, Turner Travel, Travel Associates) to promote it; include golf, a restaurant experience, lodging, maybe a spa/hiking experience if the spouse does not golf, a cooking class? Fishing? If they have kids, add a kid centered activity (pottery painting, children’s museum or even a daycare situation so the parents can relax) Make it fun.)

Also have days and hours of the week to open the trails to the public as a park - you could have limited trail hours on the back 9 in the early morning or late afternoon on slower days. There is so much that we are not taking advantage of :).

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