The "Show Big Love in Small Ways" Challenge is

about doing small things that can make a difference in the community. It doesn't cost anything but will reap big rewards in making people happy and giving them a sense of pride and belonging. It is as simple as saying "good morning", holding a door open, being neighborly -  taking in the groceries, not littering.... all those things that were the norm years ago and taken for granted. Our goal is to restore optimism and goodwill in our town, during and beyond the campaign. To make us a city of neighbors that look out for each other and #showbigloveinsmallways.

The challenge will be posted on this page and on our instagram and facebook pages. Tag/upload your photos. Prizes will be given at the end of the each challenge by a random drawing. If you are not on instagram or facebook you can email pictures for posting to and we will put as many as we can on this page. Ready. Set. Go!

Instagram: make sure you tag #showbigloveinsmallways and tag @kelley4council  (link icon is on home page)

Facebook: Kelley4council    (link icon is on home page)


Congratulations To Our Challenge #5 Winners: Paula and Stephen Gerome who shared pictures from Taste of India!

Challenge #6 - How are you celebrating Halloween? Are you

treating yourself?  

red heart back.jpg

Ends October 31    Prize is a Sheetz card.

We want to see how you celebrate Halloween or how you treat yourself or your friends to something special  - post your pictures!

If you have a "Love Your Neighbor Love Your Town" heart, put it in a window to show your support for making the 'burg better. If we missed you, please contact us or feel free to make your own for display