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A voice for families. A VOICE FOR LOCAL BUSINESS. A voice for trades. A VOICE FOR LOWER TAXES & SMARTER SPENDING. A voice for opportunity.

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Opportunity - for business, trades, manufacturing, jobs, people


It's About You & 

Putting My Experience to Work

This is a great country - built on freedom, ingenuity, integrity, creativity, self-reliance, cooperation, neighborliness and doing the right thing. I love what it ideally stands for and want to keep it moving in a positive direction. I can be a voice  of balance, common sense and a voice for those afraid to speak up.

Moving to Harrisonburg was one of the best decisions in my life. It is a great town with terrific, talented people.  I would like everyone who lives here to have a good experience in calling Harrisonburg home. There was a wonderful spirit of community when my kids (I considered all my daughter's friends mine) were in school. I remember when they went to other towns/cities and were confused by the prejudice of others - because they didn't have any!  They thought treating each other as friends was the norm, as it should be. It was just that good.

My family comes from Poland. They were  proud to be here and wanted to be as American as possible, espousing the values that built our country. My Dad did not learn English until he was 6 and once he learned it he was the official family translator.  They managed and worked without handouts but with big dreams and no matter how poor they were, they were always ready to lend a hand. 

My grandfather only had a 2nd grade education, Dad was a tool and die maker and I was the 1st one to go to college. My challenge was to pay for it on my own and I did (with lots of odd jobs). I love solving problems. It's what I do for a living - initially as an engineer, and now as a physician. I can put those problem solving skills to work for you.

We all came here in search of a dream and a better life. Families did not risk all (trek on foot from Central America, or travel through war-torn areas) to lose the dream of freedom, to live in violence, censorship and economic slavery.

My grandfather did not risk his life, his savings and months of travel to come to America so his grandchildren could see it crumble from apathy years later. My father and uncles did not risk their lives fighting tyranny only to lose America from within.

I run for them, for my children and for future generations.


 So far this has been the most successful experiment in freedom, creativity and imagination on the planet. I want to keep it that way and give everyone an equal chance at their dreams.

I hope I can be a voice for you. Join me in keeping Harrisonburg great and making it better and better. 

Here is a link about a man who appreciates what America is. It is a good reminder to some that forgot


The posts below outline some ideas to support Harrisonburg.  All issues and more can be found on the "Issues" link above. 



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